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Kirk Voclain was born on July 4, 1962. He has a love for photography that began when he was only 8 years old. He got his first camera saving box tops from a popular breakfast cereal. He photographed his first wedding professionally when he was only 15. He charged only $100. He learned the technical aspects of photography, marketing, and business by managing L&N Camera Center in Houma, LA for 9 years.

He married his lovely wife Tammy on February 28, 1987, and opened Kirk Voclain Photography in April 1987. He then quickly grew into the area's most creative and innovative photographer. He started refining his craft by joining every Professional Photography organization in 1988. Kirk has won awards for his unique style of photography in both national, state, and regional competitions all over the world. Kirk has been recognized by some of the finest in the Professional Photography Industry such as Kodak and Fuji for the superb quality of his images. He has had his work published in various Professional Photography Magazines and affiliate magazines. He has even had several of his photographs accepted into the Disney World Kodak EPCOT exhibit. He received his Certified Professional Photographer status in 1990. He received his Masters Degree from the PPA in July of 1994 and his Craftsman's Degree in 1995. 2 weeks after his Masters Degree, he received his greatest award to date, his daughter Scarlett.

Kirk's latest photography adventure is Fine Art. The Fine Art Images that you see on this site are painstakingly created by Kirk, one at a time and by hand. Kirk uses light from a special light source much the same way a painter uses a brush and paint. In a totally dark room, Kirk will spend hours painting these beautiful works of art with light.

The finished products are true inspirations!

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